Buying a property using rent to buy Are you someone who wants to buy property and get into a home of your own, but you’re having difficulty getting finance from the Banks?Perhaps you can’t quite get a deposit together, or maybe you have a problem with your credit rating that the banks don’t like, or perhaps you’re self employed?

Well, perhaps we can help? We work with people who are serious about getting into their own home, but can’t quite get there because of some of the obstacles mentioned above. Quite often, we can structure a solution to get you into home ownership using what’s called “Rent to Buy”.

This allows you to start off by renting your home, and then buying it further down the track once you have been able to sort out financing. Quite often we may be able to help you organise the finance as well

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  • How much upfront cash you need to move into a “rent to buy” home
  • What are the ongoing costs of a “rent to buy” home?
  • What’s your legal standing with a “rent to buy” home
  • Understanding the “rent to buy” contract
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